Indigo PIM Vendor Learning Centre

Welcome to the Indigo PIM Vendor Learning Centre. Here you will find all of the training documents you will need to successfully set up and update your products in the Indigo PIM system, as well as FAQs and external resources that you may find helpful.

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Indigo PIM Training Documents

Vendor Training Checklist Start with this document. Your training checklist will walk you through the components of your training package and provides you with our recommended learning path to get yourself set up in PIM.

PIM Vendor Guidelines As we increase our focus on data quality, there have been a few updates to our Vendor Compliance Program. Please review this document to fully understand these changes.

Mandatory Vendor Attributes This document provides field-by-field instructions on how to enter data when setting up articles using the Excel template.

PIM Article Creation – Single Article – UI This training document will walk you through step-by-step how to create one article directly in the PIM web application.

PIM Article Creation - Multiple Articles – Excel This training document will walk you through step-by-step how to create multiple articles using the PIM Excel template (including instructions on downloading the template from PIM, how to fill in each field in the template accurately, uploading the file back into PIM and then sending the completed articles for merchant approval).

PIM Display Unit Creation This training document is a step-by-step guide to creating Display Units in PIM. Display Units should only be set up if your products are being purchased as an assortment with component articles that have unique SKUs.

PIM Update Articles – Single Article - UI If you need to make updates to an article, this document contains step-by-step instructions to do so directly in the PIM system. For updating multiple articles with excel, please use instructions in the PIM Update Articles – Multiple Articles – Excel document.

PIM Update Articles – Multiple Articles – Excel This training document contains step-by-step instructions for updating multiple articles in PIM using the PIM Excel template (including instructions on how to download the articles from PIM, selecting specific fields to edit or selecting all fields to download, and uploading and publishing your updates).

PIM Display Unit Management If you have Display Units, this document provides step-by-step instructions on making updates to Display Units.

Writing Guide for French Products Writing guide for French translation for online items.

PIM Upload Images One page guide to uploading images in PIM.

Indigo Product Style Guide A style guide for Online Enrichment.

PIM Frequently Asked Questions

External Resources

Check Digit Calculator – ensure your UPCs are valid

GS1 Canada – purchase valid UPCs

TRSB – Indigo’s preferred French Translation Service

Indigo -TRSB French Translation Services - Key Information for Indigo Vendors

Frequently Asked Questions

I’M GETTING AN ERROR MESSAGE / MY ARTICLES AREN’T LOADING PROPERLY IN PIM. Please try clearing your browser cache and cookies and then relaunching your browser.

I DO NOT HAVE EXCEL, CAN I USE APPLE NUMBERS OR GOOGLE SHEETS? No. You will either need to set up/manage your products directly through the PIM system or download Excel.

HOW DO I REQUEST A NEW USER ID TO THE PIM SYSTEM? Please email with the following information:

  • Vendor ID(s) #: 7#####
  • Contact Name: John Smith
  • Contact Email:
  • Indigo Buyer Name & Email: Jane Doe

Please also indicate if any existing PIM users for your vendor need to be removed from the system.

I UPLOADED A FILE AND MY ARTICLES ARE UNDER MANDATORY VENDOR ATTRIBUTES. HOW DO I SEND THEM FOR MERCHANT APPROVAL? Please see Appendix III: Troubleshoot Mandatory Vendor Attributes in the Article Creation – Multiple Articles – Excel training document.

I AM NOT ABLE TO FIND MY UPCS. WHY MIGHT THIS BE? Make sure you are in the main Search and have not entered a specific workflow or have filters in place, as PIM will only show results of UPCs that meet that criteria. The base search functionality only searches for Articles, if you want to include Display Units, you can include them by selecting Type beside the search bar.

I CANNOT FIND A MASTER UPC. THIS UPC ALSO HAS COMPONENTS, HOW CAN I LOCATE THEM? If a UPC has components, this would be considered an assortment and are setup as Display Units. When in the Search page, make sure to click and change Type from ‘Article’ to ‘Display Unit,’ before you search for the UPC. If you want to look for just the components, switch the Type in the search back to ‘Article.’

I HAVE MULTIPLE VENDOR NUMBERS; DO I NEED MULTIPLE PIM ACCOUNTS? No. Your PIM account can be linked to multiple vendor numbers. If you do not see the articles for all of your vendors, or do not see all of your vendor numbers when setting up new articles, please email with the vendor number(s) that you need added to your account and CC your Buyer.

MY PIM TEMPLATE DOWNLOADED WITH THE WRONG VENDOR NAME IN THE DROPDOWN, WHAT DO I DO? This can happen from time to time when the system is overloaded. Please clear your browser cache and cookies, close all browser windows and then relaunch PIM and try downloading a new template. If this does not work, please email the downloaded template to and we will update the dropdown for you.

Don’t see your question here? Please see the Frequently Asked Questions document for additional FAQs.

Contact Us

If you have any questions for which you cannot find answers in the training documents or FAQs, please reach out to us at with your vendor ID. If the question involves specific UPCs, please include them in your email.