Indigo ONIXEDIT Cloud Learning Centre

Welcome to the Indigo ONIXEDIT Cloud Learning Centre. Here you will find all of the training documents you will need to successfully set up and update records in ONIXEDIT Cloud, as well as a FAQ and external resources that you may find helpful.

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ONIXEDIT Cloud Training Documents

ONIXEDIT – Vendor – Add New Title

This document contains step-by-step instructions to add a single record using the ONIXEDIT Cloud web application, or to add multiple records using an Excel template upload or an ONIX file upload.

ONIXEDIT – Vendor – Update Title

This document contains step-by-step instructions to update a record in the ONIXEDIT Cloud web application and to update multiple records using the Excel template.

ONIXEDIT – Daily Validation File

This document contains step-by-step instructions to navigate the daily validation file that is emailed to vendors from ONIXEDIT.

External Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

1. MY BOOK HAS A NEW ISBN – CAN I JUST UPDATE THE EXISTING RECORD? No. Please create a new record for the new ISBN and update the status of the old ISBN to Publication Cancelled, Out of Print or appropriate status for the reason the ISBN was changed. 2. IF I MAKE AN UPDATE IN ONIXEDIT CLOUD, DO I STILL NEED TO UPDATE THE RECORD IN SYME? No. If you are making your updates in ONIXEDIT Cloud, your SYME account should now be deactivated and you should not be making any changes in SYME. 3. MY VALIDATION SCORE IS LOW. HOW DO I GET IT TO 100%? Please refer to the Add New Title training document which contains a section for troubleshooting validation errors. 4. IS THERE A WAY FOR ME TO IDENTIFY CANADIAN AUTHORS? Yes! You can specify the Author’s location in the Contributor section of the record.

Contact Us

If you have any questions for which you cannot find the answer in the training documents or FAQ, please reach out to and include your Vendor Name. If the question is in relation to a specific title, please include the ISBN-13.